I studied art and design for three years, which led to my first job as a visualiser at the London advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather. I then moved to WHS Advertising before taking positions at a couple of design companies, where I became increasingly involved in photography.

I switched to photography full-time in the late seventies and set up my own studio in 1984 in Greater London. I have worked continuously as a photographer ever since, concentrating wholly on advertising photography.

My studio work has been extremely varied, shooting a wide range of products, from electronics, food and drink to large room sets.

Much of my location work took place in London where I photographed interiors and the urban landscape. However my work also took me away from home on occasion, for example, when I carried out a commission for Kodak in Ireland or, for another client, photographing a property development in the south of Spain.

I now only work in the studio on table-top product photography, principally jewellery and taking photographs for a picture library.

Much of the latter work has been printed in media across the world as well as broadcast on national and international television.